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  • With a commitment to style, simplicity and quality,

    From our studio we design elegant pieces for your home and garden

    So you can have fun...and keep it a little Insta ready

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    Enjoy a gift of positivity and happiness for your home

    Macrame Plant Hanger (42")


    Faux Potted Succulents


  • About Us

    Our story began years ago on a farm in the countryside where we grew up. Everyday life was simple and slow - surrounded by nature. When we moved to the city and started corporate jobs, life got faster and more complex and sadly that side of life started to fade away.


    Fast forward 10 years (and 2 young kids) - we have been searching for simplicity and a connection with nature again, rekindling the joy of being surrounded by plants and beautiful objects.


    We are simply passionate about bringing you stylish, quality products so you can connect with nature, add positivity to your home and live the lifestyle you want.


    We LOVE what we do and we hope you do too!

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